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We are back to chat with Jackson after a while to talk about his first book “50 Podiatry lessons (that you can’t learn at University)” where he has reflected on the 50 most important lessons he has learned thanks to his mentors and practice.

New episode in which we go to Melbourne, Australia, to talk to Andy Bryant, a podiatrist who is passionate about understanding how our feet work naturally and works to educate his patients by helping them to understand and care for their feet and body. Andy works in Melbourne and is better known as The Natural Podiatrist.

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Andy will explain what the main differences are between traditional podiatry and natural podiatry when it comes to understanding health. A focus on cause rather than consequence. How by making changes in our patients’ habits we can prevent most health problems.

For those interested in expanding on the topic of the podcast, we leave in the description the link to a series of 3 episodes on Natural Podiatry that Andy recorded with The Foot Collective @thefootcollective.

Here’s how Mariano straps up his ankles before scoring goals

Thank you Pablo for having put your body and soul to build the new. Surely you made mistakes like everyone else, but you didn’t get twisted and kept on fighting. Thank you but you can’t leave, you have to fight again. Now with the idea that politics, even in transformation projects like ours, is a meat grinder. That the people in it are disposable raw material that when they are “no longer useful” they are thrown away. Against the throwaway culture, Francisco would say.

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Alejandra started 3 months ago, together with other women, the milk cup “Barrio que lucha”. “Now we have also started with the food. We are 10 girls who prepare the food and distribute it to 250 children”.

Nadia, together with Susana, run a picnic center in the Empalme Graneros neighborhood of Rosario, which assists 220 people. “The picnic center is not the best way out, but in an emergency we have to help those in need”, they say.

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For professional reasons I travel abroad a lot and I needed to have the peace of mind of being able to go to the doctor I want anywhere in the world. With the reimbursement insurance I choose the doctor and the center, and in less than a week I have the reimbursement of the cost of my visit in my account.

When we decided to live between London and Madrid, one of our main concerns was to contract a medical insurance with dental coverage that would allow us to use it in both countries. With Mundisalud my family and I have found just what we need.

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The most complete medical insurance with which to have full coverage: primary care, medical specialists, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, dental services and access to telemedicine.

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